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Revelations at an unknown hour;
whispered truths that are so quickly lost –
Is this ephemeral encounter meant to be so?
For none yet has grasped the power
to turn back clocks, untangled memories crossed.
Another strange occurrence: should I let it go?
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 1 0
Cold hands...
They say my heart must be warm since my hands are so cold,
But my ever-changing thoughts wouldn't be so bold –
For my heart is both greedy and giving,
Needs more to love, wants more to be living.
My hands are so cold: my heart must be warm –
But my ever-morphing thoughts are creating a storm –
And for all pretence, I choose to disagree:
My heart doesn't see you the way yours sees me.
But I'm not one for neglect, and it's true what they say:
My hands are so cold – my heart is warmer that way.
Neither of us is going to be fold –
So, close to my heart, yours I will hold.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 3 3
I watch the sapphire smoke murmur from out of your mouth,
I watch it curl and loop and as it wanders across
The space between us, the space in between our mouths.
I watch your eyes turn the same shade of night as the last –
Midnight blue, the stars peering through the veils;
Like a storm in your pupils, like a bruise in the sky.
I watch it all fade to oblivion behind my closed eyelids,
The indigo world that you whispered into my mind –
But my intuition tells me otherwise, in this eternity.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 3 2
It's something they don't understand,
This infinite land of wonder that you hold
In the palm of your hand.
Could I dare to be so bold
As to enter your world of emerald skies?
Oh, I've been told and told
By so many that it would be unwise –
But in your eyes I see a harmony,
Willing me in: you mesmerise.
Could I dare to be so frail as to envy
Your bejewelled world?
In it I find such life, such euphony.
It sets my mind into such a whirl –
And I feel a renewal
As my fresh emotions unfurl.
It's something they don't understand – this emerald jewel.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 3 0
                   clouds of smoke in the night sky
                        scent of sandalwood on fingertips
                    reflected glints sparkling in your eye
                      the taste of dark coffee still on my lips
                              spirals of wispy dreams
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 6 0
Pen to paper
Corner of the cafe, pen in mouth and ideas at hand;
The hourglass up above, and every grain of sand
Is streaming by in my mind's eye.
In this instant, I focus solely upon the blank sheet,
On the surface where the inks of my thoughts meet;
Just my pen and I.
And in these minutes waiting for your arrival I write;
All the words inspired by every sounds and every sight –
This blank sheet is my ally.
All that has been and will be of me here resides,
For this pen to paper, my secrets, confides –
I ask of you to be careful, when you pry.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 1 0
this silence is pending;
like a question left unanswered,
a gift left unopened,
a smile unreciprocated.
you left me speechless;
just a glance in my direction
that pierced through my skin,
through my innermost thoughts.
I'm left here, not knowing
what to say, to think –
I remain speechless;
the silence is pending.
I feel the time ending
as though there's not a minute
left to scribble my understandings
down on this confession.
and I'm rendered insignificant
against the flowing of the water,
the drifting of the season,
the draining of the sand.
I can't hold this water
much longer in my hands;
I feel the time ending
and I'm powerless.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 1 0
It's inside your skin:
Somewhere deep within,
In the silky ribbons of your heart:
And I want to touch.
It's a shade I couldn't place
That lights in your eyes chase,
Leaving all others behind,
And I just want to see.
It's your warmth I inhale
All to my own avail –
What could I possibly return?
And then I exhale –
But this world is distorted, enchanted;
And I can't remember what's real
Or what seeds you've planted –
I'm not so sure what I feel.
I'm caught in the spirals and loops
All these strange chances;
And you've been jumping through hoops,
Casting me those strange glances.
I take a breath, look at the stars once more.
How could I explain all I said before?
Perhaps that my perception
Was different at this inception –
Perhaps only that obstinacy
Replaced reason and rationality.
And maybe you need to be close
To obtain another dose;
Maybe it's not just you –
I fear I may be addicted too.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 1 0
It may just be that I've known you before –
It may just be that I've known that smile;
The same words, the same modes,
Perhaps even the patterns in your hands.
It's true, the expressions you wore:
I haven't seen them in a while –
They'd all travelled different roads
We'd walked on different, distant lands.
You'll have to forgive my ambivalence:
It's been some time, you see,
Since someone had tried to touch
The places I keep under my skin.
It surprises me, this equivalence –
Oh, if you knew, you'd have to agree;
It's been long since one tried so much,
Back then, it was only an ephemeral spin.
You'll have to forgive my intransience:
I'm usually one to follow the ebb and flow;
One to sing with the setting golden sun,
And dance with the rising silver sphere.
But this recurrence provokes reticence,
For though the time has seen me grow,
The conclusions of tales that were spun
Are still spiders' webs, all a little too near.
Oh, I'm sure I've known you before;
I saw him wane bef
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 2 0
Reflected in your iris, the transforming skies –
They turn grey, then brown. Then, a shock of green.
I'm swimming in the world inside your eyes;
Tell me - is this a world in which I've already been?
The oceans move under the surface of your skin:
The ripples grow and spread; the waves collide –
I can feel the ebb and flow from the depths within;
And as the moon is filled, she calls out the tide.
Across the cold glass, the darkness lands
And in the silence, the starless night sweeps.
I trace loops and spirals upon your hands –
On the skin where each constellation sleeps.
This is the side where the warmth dwells,
And we paint swirling paths with our lights –
We weave our dreams into hypnotic spells,
Closing our eyes to these nocturnal heights.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 6 0
I can't feel the ground under my feet.
I can't feel the pulse thrumming in the street,
Nor the icy trickles down my neck of melting sleet.
Your hand is on my back: I can feel the heat
Spreading, from where your skin and mine meet.
I can't see all those running past my eyes
To find shelter from the falling skies;
Nor hear after the lightning strikes, cries
Of warning, as the ruthless hail flies –
I see only the flames in your pupils rise.
And as the heavy black clouds overhead form
And a crack breaks the dark into a storm,
The smoothed cobbles in these lanes deform –
But I can't see the world around us transform
Like your eyes do, when we stand here: warm.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 1 0
There's a fine line denoting the difference
Between the attraction through a distance –
In this mysterious magnetic existence –
And the wearing thin of my resistance;
But your restless, relentless insistence
Borders on an obstinate persistence;
And my confident words lose consistence
And my constructed words lose coherence.
I push you out: you seem more affected;
I hide from you, and find you're directed
Right into lines from where I'd deflected –
It's a path that somebody selected,
To lead us both, though unexpected,
And we're inevitably collected
By a force, like magnets unsuspected;
And just like magnets, we are connected.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 1 0
A page with a crease, the bookmark has seen
Coffee stained edges, smudges of sunscreen,
And that train ride through the plain countryside,
When our attentions met the world outside.
Our eyes followed patterns from right to left;
But you couldn't sit still, and it was theft
When your warm hands reached out and cradled mine;
Yet you'd sense lies in my words of decline.
The weathervanes shifted from left to right,
As the winds played swift and the birds took flight;
And the clouds loomed dark, in the bloodshot skies –
But a clarity rang when we met eyes.
The pure sound drowned the chugging of the train:
A tension only rivalled by the strain
Of denial, as my mind found its way
Back to the book, to the scent of dried hay.
At least you know to read between the lines:
Sometimes the black letters draw the design
So perfectly that I just cannot hide;
I fear when inks and blank pages collide.
My frantic train of thought journeyed from past
To here, where this new enchantment was cast;
And s
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 2 0
The Fear of Falling
I don't remember being told –
When we were young, and they were old,
When we felt so brave and strong and bold
That we didn't even feel the icy cold;
The grown-ups seemed so tall and wise –
And we didn't know otherwise:
When we looked inside their eyes
It was easy to believe all the lies;
Santa Claus went down the chimney,
The Tooth Fairy left me a little money,
A tree could grow in my tummy –
It's true, because I heard it from Mummy.
We always thought that growing older
Could make us better, and make us bolder;
And all the things that scared us then –
Like spiders, and going into the big world –
Would be so irrelevant to us when
Finally, our little bones unfurled.
But no one told us we'd fear more as we grew,
That growing taller would give us a smaller view,
That the fright of the fall would be growing too;
I couldn't have known until I met you.
And as I tie the laces on my feet for each blade,
Stand up – tall as I am – but uncertain, afraid,
And ste
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 4 3
I think you've got magnets behind your pupils;
It would be the only explanation as to why
I can't shift my gaze from the depth of your eye –
And perhaps too, there are some forces beneath your skin
That render mine so warm from within.
We spent the night sitting by the windowsills;
The moon was a mere smile in the sky,
A little bit hesitant, a little bit shy –
Unlike his earthbound twin
Shining off your face: a silver grin.
I couldn't keep my eyes away from your face;
Do you, too, wonder if we're living in a dream?
You're my favourite – brighter than the moonbeam
That streams smoothly across your skin of milk;
Lighter than this opalescent web of silk;
You're the colours that are hidden in the nights,
When the stars seem to transcend all heights –
My favourite dream, in this warm embrace.
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 4 0
To Draw You
Lines and curves, light and shade:
I need all the time in the world to get this right –
If only I could say, drawing was for what my hands were made,
But the only art they create is what I write.
How could I depict all the reflections I see
In the depths of your iris, as the lights dance?
Or the shifting of your skin when you notice me
Watching you – all the movements that entrance...
From the arch of your brow to the curve of your nose
And the colours I see, in the dim dusk glow –
To the way that your eyelashes brush my cheek when your lids close,
And the currents in these airs as your breaths flow;
The urge to show the world your skin, as comes the sunrise,
And light creeps forwards, creating a world of valleys and hills –
Could I, just for once, draw the scene as seen through my eyes?
Sometimes I wish I could draw you; if only I had the skills...
:iconsunhoney:sunhoney 1 5



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